A Hundred Weeds or A Hundred Wishes?


A few years ago, I was having lunch with my brother. We were catching up on the latest tea in each others lives. I can’t remember exactly what made him ask, but he proceeded to ask me a question that I would think about almost everyday since that conversation. He asked, “Ashley, why do you always expect the other shoe to drop?” In other words, why do I always expect the worst to happen? My response was very simple, “Because I know it will and I want to be prepared when it does.” Most people would say that my skeptical personality is lethal to my overall perception of humanity, but it all depends on one’s perception of skepticism. I would say that I am more of a realist.


I believe that there are two different ways to perceive Karma; fear-based and love-based. Fear-based karma is the consequences, good and bad, that are brought to you based on your actions, good or bad. You are judged for your actions; basically, you reap what you sow. While love-based karma is a belief that every lesson is a gift that provides lessons for your soul’s personal growth and will continue to bring back these lessons until you have learned from them.


I’ve learned that how you perceive life’s challenges is half the battle. Love-based karma believers take the challenges of life and learn from them. They see each challenge as a lesson to get through and grow from the experience. Fear-based karma believers view life challenges as punishment for something they may have done to someone else in the past. I used to think that my condition, SLE ( systemic lupus erythematosus) and Fibromyalgia, is a punishment from God because of all of the awful things that I have done in my past. While now, I look at this illness as another one of life’s challenges that I need to work through and learn from. Now the only question left is, what am I supposed to learn from this? But I think that question should be answered in another blog post. Bad things happen. It’s life. The only things we can control is how we perceive the challenges and our reaction to the challenge. This is what separates us from the animals, right?


“When you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds, or a hundred wishes.” -Unknown

Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Have you ever thought to yourself, hmmm, I wish there was something that I can do to improve my overall health besides ton and tons of vitamin pills? Or are you dealing with an illness that requires expensive pharmaceuticals? Well, I may have an answer for you.

My mother in law told me about Black Seed Oil. She said that it works wonders for her and that I should try it. I initially had to go online to find it, and from what I saw, it was not cheap. But I was determined, and was finally able to order myself a bottle. All I can say is wow! I’ve only been taking it for 4 days and I already feel a difference in how I feel. I feel so much better physically and mentally.

So I would like to let you more what I have learned about Black Seed Oil, and maybe it will do for you, what it has been doing for others for thousands of years.

What is Black Seed Oil?

Black Seed Oil is oil that is extracted from black seeds, made from Nigella Stativa flower.

How Can You Consume Black Seed Oil?

  • Add a teaspoon of black seed oil to food or drinks
  • Mix teaspoon of black seeds with honey
  • Consume plain 
  • Boil seeds, and then consume
  • Add black seeds to bread, food, and/or pastries

Me personally, I love taking a teaspoon and putting it into orange juice or yogurt

What is Nigella Sativa (black seed plant) used for?

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-cancer
  • Antiasthmatic
  • Antihistamine
  • Anti-viral
  • Anticoagulant

What is Black Seed Oil Good For?

  1. Heart Health – Heart disease is the leading cause of death among men and women. Adding black seed oil to your meal, once a day, can prevent blood clot formation and arterial pressure. For centuries, black seed oil has been used for heart health, which is one of its most praised benefits.
  2. Fight Against Fungal Infections-Research is showing that fungus and mold cannot exist with the compounds founds in black seed oil. Fungus infections can occur when bacteria has grown on the top of your skin, causing rash and disease.
  3. Reduce allergies 


Heart Health

  • 100 and 200 milligrams of boiled extract has been taken by mouth twice daily for eight weeks. Based on traditional use, one teaspoon of Nigella sativa oil has been taken by mouth in any hot drink with two cloves of garlic before breakfast.
Helps Fight Against Fungal Infections

  • the affected area of skin is wiped with cider vinegar, followed by application of Nigella sativa oil. The process is repeated if necessary.
Reduces Allergies and Skin Infections

  • 40-80 milligrams per kilogram of black seed oil has been taken by mouth three times daily for up to eight weeks.
Good For Your Skin and Hair

  • 1/2-1 teaspoon of Nigella sativa oil has been applied to the scalp after the scalp has been stroked thoroughly with lemon, left for 15 minutes, then washed and dried.
Known Efficient Cancer Treatment Acne
Kills Infection/Reduces Fever and Flu Symptom

Mix a teaspoon of black seed oil, honey, and warm water. Drink once a day as long as your fever persist

Boost Fertility
Cures Boils and Carbuncles Treat Coughs and Asthma Symptoms

  • one teaspoon of Nigella sativa oil has been taken by mouth three times daily.
Get Rid of Diarrhea

Mix 1-2 teaspoons of black seed oil with yogurt for 2 days or until diarrhea is gone

Reduce High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
Helps Eliminate Insomnia Prevents Muscle Spasms and Cramps

  • one teaspoon of Nigella sativa oil with one teaspoon of olive oil has been taken by mouth three times daily.

Can be used orally or topically

Relieves Nausea and Upset Stomach Treats Toothaches and Oral Bacteria Infections
Cures Psoriasis/Treats Eczema Aids In Weight Loss
Prevent Diabetes

  • 2.5 milliliters of Nigella sativa oil has been taken by mouth twice daily for six weeks, in addition to existing metformin.
Epilepsy Treatment

  • an aqueous extract of Nigella sativa seed (40 milligrams per kilogram per hour) has been used together with standard treatment for four weeks.
MRSA Treatment Opiate Addiction Treatment

  • 500 milligrams of dried black seeds has been taken by mouth three times daily for up to 12 days.
Improves Beard Growth Relieves Insect Bites and Stings
Helps with Chest/Nasal Congestion

  • the back and chest have been rubbed with Nigella sativa oil.
Removes Gallstones/Suppress Liver Stones
Helps with Gas and Flatulence/Constipation Treats Hemorrhoids
Relieves Headaches and Migranes

  • 1/2 teaspoon of Nigella sativa oil has been taken by mouth after a meal three times daily.
Boost Immunity
Improves Memory Cures Rheumatic Pains

  • one teaspoon of Nigella sativa oil with one teaspoon of olive oil has been taken by mouth three times daily.
Helps with Stomach Pains/Disorders

  • mint tea with lemon has been taken by mouth with one teaspoon of Nigella sativa oil three times daily or until symptoms are relieved.
Improves Dry Mouth
Bladder Infections Treat Nose Bleeds
Dandruff/Dry Scalp Helps Relieve Joint Pain
Regulates Menstrual Cycles Relieves Arthritis

  • one teaspoon of Nigella sativa oil with one teaspoon of olive oil has been taken by mouth three times daily.
Lower Anxiety/Depression

  • 1/2 teaspoon of Nigella sativa oil has been taken by mouth with herbal tea.
Treats Heart Burn
Relieves Stress Treats Meningitis
Promote Healthy Kidney Health Improves Sperm Count
Aids Treatment of HIV/AIDS Remedy for Colic

  • Nigella sativa oil has been warmed and used to massage the abdomen.
Removes Chronic Fatigue Prevents Anemia
Cleanses Parasites Treats Obesity
Detoxifies Body Deep Cleans Pores
Treats Schizophrenia Protects Brain Damage from Parkinson’s Disease


Although, Black Seed Oil could be your cure-all, but like anything, it does have its side effects. Please make sure that you consult with your physician before discontinuing any medications that you may be currently taking. Even though it may work for me, does not guarantee that it may work for you. I’m just a regular shegular person, who wants to live a healthy life without addicting, expensive pharmaceuticals drugs. 





How Tea Tree Oil Will Change Your Life



Ok! Im really excited to tell you guys about something that I’ve been doing a lot of research on. I am always looking for ways to increase my chances of staying healthy; mind, body, and soul, without using man-made chemicals unless absolutely necessary. Although I am in the baby stages, I would like to share with you what I have learned thus far.

Tea Tree Oil! Derived from leaves of a tea tree,(not to be confused with tea-plant) is an essential oil that is widely used to treat infections and household problems. Although Tea Tree Oil is highly toxic if ingested, it is surprisingly a miracle cure for skin infections and scars. This is awesome for my any one living with an autoimmune disorder, like Lupus, because once we get an infection, that’s when my body completely shuts itself down.

Tea Tree Oil is safe and all natural ONLY TO BE USED TOPICALLY. If you have sensitive skin, I would recommend diluting it with a carrier oil, such as, olive and coconut oil or sweet almond oil.

Below are several reasons why you should have tea tree oil on hand at all times

Acne Treatment

Tea Tree Oil antimicrobial terpenes content makes it popular for fighting acne. Along with MRSA or staph infections, it is also known to kill Propionibacterium acne that lives inside hair follicles. Although it may take longer to heal acne bumps and scars, it is the best way to combat infections since it is all natural and it is proven to be less damaging to the skin.

Eliminate Ringworm 

Ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin that is highly contagious. I had about 2-3 when I was younger. The oil’s anti-fungal properties make it effective treating and preventing ringworm. Just apply 2-3 drops of pure tea tree oil diluted in carrier oil. Apply to infection 2-3 times a day. You could also clean personal items that have come in contact with the infection to prevent spreading it any further.

Oral Health

It is known to reduce gum bleeding and tooth decay, along with healing open sores, and any bacteria or fungal infections. Just add a drop on your toothpaste or you can make your own toothpaste. Just add 1/4 cup of coconut oil—2 TBSP baking soda—10 drops of tea tree oil. Use it like you would use any other toothpaste.

Insect Bites and Stings

Tea Tree Oil is great for bringing down the swelling of an insect bite or sting. When you add a carrier oil, the infected area will disinfect the wound, prevent itching, and lessens pain. Healing would take about 1-2 days. Also, it is great for keeping the bugs away, or even killing them. This is great because since I have 3 small kids, who are ridiculously afraid of bugs, it will allow my family to save so much money on bug spray, that smells weird and feels really oily.

Pest Repellent

The oil’s anti-parasitic properties destroys and/or suppress the growth of fleas, lice, and ticks. This is great for my outdoorsy folks! Also, you can keep away mosquitoes, ants, spiders, and fleas. Just douse a cotton balls with Tea Tree Oil and place it in the area needed, and those pesky critters will be gone. Garbage cans, outdoor adventures, you name it!

Household Cleaner

Tea tree oil is a disinfectant and a fragrance, all in one. There are so many, everyday household chores that you can use tea tree oil. You can make it an all-purpose a cleaner by placing 10 drops of tea tree oil, 2 cups of hot water, and 1/2 cup of vinager into a 1 quart spray bottle. It cleans counters, fixtures, mirrors, etc. You can even use it as an air fresher by adding a cup of water, 3 drops of tea tree oil, 2 drops of lemon essential oil, place into a spray bottle, shake, and wa la! Your very own homemade febreeze. Hmmm. That may be an interesting candle scent.

Scalp and Hair Health

If you have mild to extreme dandruff or just plain old itchy scalp, which is caused by an allergic reaction, bacteria, or fungus, this is the stuff for you. I’ve always suffered from dry scalp, and its super embarrassing when I see large flakes of skin on my shirt and pillow case. I was advised to place 2-3 drops in your shampoo per wash, and rinse. I will update you on how that works for me.

I dont know about you guys, but once I found out all of this information, I knew I had to grab a bottle. Find the reviews for this particular brand at Amazon ArtNaturals Tea Tree Oil



In Memory Of….

I remember being as young as 5 years old, observing that actions of others. I knew from a very young age, what I wanted my life to be like. Of course, back then, I did not know the specifics, but I knew what and who I did not want to be.  I wanted to be smart. I wanted to be successful, not with monetary possessions, but with love and respect. I wanted to be nice to everyone, no matter who they were or what they did. When I was old enough to have children, I wanted to be their best friend and their mother. I wanted to shower them with love and gifts, but at the same time teach them the true meaning of life.

As I grew, the more specific my life’s requirements became. This caused me to have a feeling of entitlement for the things I wanted in my life. Looking back, I noticed that I did not pay to much attention to other people or serious life issues. And then I turned 30 years old, with three children and a husband. It’s almost like I woke up, and this was my life. And all of those things that I thought I wanted, well let’s just say, life had other plans.

Not only did I turn 30, but I was diagnosed with an immune disorder. Unknowingly, these two events would turn my world completely upside down. I used to worry about gossip, lose or gain of friends, or even finding a babysitter so I can go out. But then, life threw the fastest curve ball at my head. It is like, life purposely aimed at my head cause that curve ball knocked me on my ass so hard, that I died.

The Ashley that I worked so hard to become, since I was a little girl, started to slowly slip away. At first, I thought, I’ll come back from this. But then, almost everything Ashley wanted to be was fading, eventually floating into the dark abyss. I then realized, that this diagnosis wasn’t just the run of the mill, life problem. This diagnosis is not something that I’ve ever thought about, nor prepared for. Thinking about it now, since I’m such a control freak, it’s probably why I’m grieving so much, because it was unexpected.

So, in memory of Ashley Tara. She was kind soul, and became what she thought she deserved. Which honestly, wasn’t much.

Now, I must find this new person. I’m not sure who she is, but she carries the same hustle mentality and drive that the old Ashley had. This new person has the strength of the old Ashley, plus more. I’m just not sure if I know it yet. They will sing songs about my old identity, about my triumphant win against chronic depression and lupus nephritis.

The best part about this diagnosis, is that this new person is able to enjoy the things that the new Ashley has once forgotten. She can now see the beauty and joy in people who the old Ashley no longer enjoyed; the glow from my kids smile, the wonder of a sunset, and the blessing in hearing a bird sing. My new heart has been opened and my mind has been released.

I used to mourn the loss of the old Ashley, but the more I think about, the more I think a part of her had to go, so that this new person has room to grow and flourish. I miss a lot of the qualities that the old Ashley possessed, and some of those qualities I would like to have back. But I think in order for me to fulfill my duty in life, I have to follow this new journey that has been given to me.

So I say farewell to the old Ashley. It was amazing having that part of myself for the last 30 years, but now there are goals that I need to accomplish. And this path will take me there. Although, things may seem detrimental, it is all for a reason. I have to make all this pain and confusion turn into something that will live on well after my physically body is deceased.

If you are reading this, and you are suffering from a chronic illness of any sort, just know, mourning you’re healthy lifestyle is normal. You will find that you can move forward by getting to know the new you. As you know, once you deal with an illness, your life changes dramatically, and you may find yourself doing or saying things you thought you would never have to. It’ll get better, you HAVE to believe that.


Love Letter from Depression

Dear Ashley,

Its your oldest friend, depression. How’s it been? I’ve missed you so much. I’m glad to hear that you are sick because I knew it would be the easiest way to get back into your life.

I’ve missed our long nights of no sleep and endless tears. I’ve missed the sound of your heart breaking every second of every day. Do you remember, Ashley? Do you remember the wonderful negative thoughts you used to have? I’m glad to see that they have come back, stronger than ever.

I love that you feel like a horrible parent and a horrible wife. I love to watch your tears flow as you beg God for mercy.

It’s just you and I, Ashley. Cant you see? We belong together. You and I are one. I will never leave you, nor forsake you. No matter how many pills you take, no matter how many bible scriptures you read, no matter how much you pray, I will always be with you.




Young Parenting

I was on Facebook the other day, and I saw this picture of this young lady. In the picture, she was standing alongside her five beautiful children. I am not sure of their ages, but the oldest child looked around 6/7 years old, and the youngest child was 6 months old. Above the picture, the caption read, “When you[r] 22 with 5 kids, one is 6 months and the other one disabled.” The caption was suppose to boast about how well she is doing with 5 children when she is only 22 years old. I will admit, the kids are super cute and based off of the picture, it seems that they are well taken care of.

She immediately began to get thousands of comments. Some good, some bad. There were people who felt outraged by the picture, stating that she’s “a hoe” for having so many kids at such a young age. Others praised her for keeping her children clean and well put together in the photo. Others were just being a bag of butts, commenting hateful words about her disabled son.

I wanted to share my thoughts, but its Facebook. Who pay attention to anything someone has to say, that may be insightful, on facebook? So, I would like to share my opinion with you guys.

When I was 20 years old, I became pregnant with my first child. I was more excited than fearful. I knew everything that I did NOT want to do with my child. I had it all mapped out; her father and I would get married, we would have great jobs, buy a house with a white picket fence, and live happily ever after. Well, it didn’t exactly go like that. There were so many people who tried to tell me, in a nice way, that I wasnt ready for a baby, and that I really didn’t know what I was doing. At 20, I was pretty mature for my age, but looking back at it, I wasnt mature enough. I thought I knew what I was doing. I would get offended when people would say, you’re to young to have a baby.

There are so many things that I didn’t think about then, that I think about all of the time now. The problem with having a baby at a young age, is that, at 20 years old, no matter how mature I was, there were life lessons that I hadnt experienced yet, that would come in handy when raising kids, and that I would learn until later on in life. I would get offended when people would say, you’re to young to have a baby.

It’s common sense that children are expensive. But geez! I never thought about the expenses of braces, specialty care for disabled/sickly children, school clothes and supplied, activities, etc. I definitely didn’t think about the fact that something may happen to me, to where I am unable to care for them like a mother should take care of her children. I also didnt think about when I need to get away, I can’t just walk away. I cant leave or take a vacation. I have to be here with them, especially when all 3 kids are calling my name, back to back to back to back, without taking a breath. I have to be here.

When I think about parenting, I think about the things that our children need and deserve to become productive citizen of society. Yes, they are my children, and I love them unconditionally. But one day, they will be someones wife or husband. They will be parents, co-workers, friends, etc. So, I have to raise them the right way, the proper way. And when you’re young, you really don’t know the proper way yet. You’re still trying to find yourself; your likes and dislikes, your career choice, your temper, and how you deal with certain social situations. Otherwise, you’ll just end up teaching them childish ways, because you haven’t matured enough yet.

I love my kids, but I do wish I would have waited to have them. I think that if I had the knowledge then, that I have now, I would have done things so much differently. Now, I’m 31 years old with 3 little people who I am responsible for and to be quite frank, I still have no idea what I’m doing. But at least now, I am mature enough to admit that.

So, my opinion, even though her children are well taken care of, and she may be a great parent, will her lack of life experience and juvenile ideas of the world allow her to raise productive members of society? I have no idea. I guess we will find out in a few short years.



Why I Chose To Recycle

I used to be one of those people who didn’t believe in recycling. I figured, why recycle? My efforts won’t stop anything. I can’t save the world by myself. Plus, I probably won’t be alive by the time the world shallows itself up. So, why should I waste my time and energy?

We’ve all seen the public service announcements, the heart-felt commercials explaining that our world is dying. I’ve changed the channel a few time myself, never thinking twice about it. I wish I had some awesome story that I can tell, explaining what has changed my mind. Well, folks, I don’t. One day, I just woke up, and became more conscious of my surroundings.

I started thinking about my kids, and my grand kids, and what kind of world I would be leaving to them once my last day comes. I’ve began to notice health problems that my kids began to have, due to the chemicals they are subjected to everyday; eczema, asthma, acne, etc.

So, I started to recycle. It may sound a little corny or cliché, but every time that I reuse or recycle something, I feel like I’m making a difference. And it feels amazing!

For example, I love making candles out of old jars. This lavender tangerine scented candle was made from old fruit jars that I buy for my kids. I love how unique the jar shape is AND we’re recycling! F9285738-95FC-4C28-AC54-DF98802DDF23.jpg

So, why should you recycle? Well, because Earth is your home. I like to keep my home clean and fresh (well, as much as I can with 3 kids and a hard-working husband). My house is my safe haven. I like to keep my memories reserved, so one day, my family can reminiscence and create new memories. Earth is the same way, the same idea. We have to preserve it, we have to take care of it. That way, our children and our childrens children will have a “home” that will continue to feed them, clothe them, and provide for them.

The materials that you should recycle are paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass. Please contact your local recycling agency to find out ways you can recycle and make a difference.

We’re Being Poisoned People!

The United States has been poisoning the American people with genetically modified food organisms since 1996. Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMO’s, are defined as organisms, such as, animals, plants, and microorganisms, in which the DNA is altered to where it is unable to occur naturally.

Our government decided to use GMO’s to alter our food to enhance desired traits, such as, improving nutritional value and increase resistance of herbicides and to provide “long-lasting” products. If you do not know, herbicides are chemicals designed to kill unwanted vegetation, such as, garden weeds.

There are several reason why this was a bad idea:


  • In 1999, Europe discontinued the use of GM food due to a high-profile case stating the dangers of GM foods.


    1. Dr. Arpad Pusztai, a hungarian scientist, first began to notice the negative effects on the human body and DNA caused by GM foods. Jeffrey Smith, founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology, is leading the movement to eliminate genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the United States. Jeffrey Smith did an interview with Dr. Pusztai, where he described his experience with the government and gm foods, stating, “Dr. Arpad Pusztai… has been gagged and told that if he talked about what he knew, he would be sued. Well, by an order of parliament, his gag order was lifted and he could finally talk about how he discovered that genetically engineered foods were inherently unsafe and could create all sorts of damage — just from the process itself, irrespective of what gene you put in.”



  • GMO’s are extremely unhealthy


    1. AAEM (American Academy of Environmentally Medicine) encourage doctors the prescribe non-GMO foods to their patients
    2. Animal studies show that GM foods caused GI and immune system disorders, organ damage, accelerated aging, and infertility issues.
    3. Human studies show that GM foods can leave materials inside of us, causing long-term problems and health issues.
      1. FDA scientist found toxic insecticides produced by GM corn inside the blood of a pregnant women and their unborn fetuses.
    4. The number of Americans with (3) or more illness’ increased from 7% to 13% within 8 years GM foods were introduced
    5. Food allergies increased dramatically.
    6. Disorders, such as, reproductive disorders, autism, and digestive problems increased.
  • GMO contamination is FOREVER
    1. It has been determined that self-propagating GMO pollution will out last nuclear waste and global warming.



  • GMO increase herbicide use, causing more chemicals around our organic foods and environment
    1. Between 1996 and 2008, farmers used 38 million pounds of herbicides on GMO’s.



  • Government oversight is lax
    1. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not require safety studies
    2. Companies are allowed to sell food to the public without notifying the FDA.
    3. FDA scientist have gone on record to say that “GMO’s can create unpredictable, hard-to-detect side effects”.


  • Independent researchers are being attacked
    1. Scientist that have spoken out about the dangers of GM foods have been attacked, gagged, threatened, fired, and denied funding for their research
    2. In 2001, New Zealand Parliament member Sue Kedgley told the 2001 Royal Commission of Inquiry on Genetic Modification: “Personally I have been contacted by telephone and e-mail by a number of scientists who have serious concerns about aspects of the research that is taking place…are convinced that if they express these fears publicly, even at such a commission. . . or even if they asked the awkward and difficult questions, they will be eased out of their institution.”
  • GMO’s are harmful for the environment
    1. Monarch butterfly population down by 50% in the U.S. due to habitat elimination caused by GM crops
    2. GM crops and herbicides are known to harm wildlife, such as, birds, insects, amphibians, soil organisms, and our ecosystems.

As you can see, the use of genetically modified organisms in our food causes long-term damage, not only to your body, but to our plants and animals. Research shows that if we, as a society, stop buying GM foods, that it’ll force the government to discontinue their use of GMO’s. It is definitely easier said than done. I mean, GM foods are a lot cheaper than organic foods. But, there are ways that you can try to cut out GM foods in your diet.

Grow your own fruits and vegetables and you don’t have to be a professional gardener to do it. You can practice by going to your local Dollar General or Dollar Tree and buy everything you need to garden under $5, including seeds. Grocery stores, such as Aldi, offers organic foods for a low price. Make sure that you see on the product that is “non-gmo”. It is usually on the bottom of the product.

Stay Healthy. Stay Happy. Stay Free!

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. – 3 John 1:2



Flax Seed? I Put That Sh*t On Everything!


Have you guys ever seen the Franks RedHot sauce commercial? There a little ol’ lady who apparently loves Franks Redhot sauce so much, she “…put that sh*t on everything!” Well, if there is ever a commercial for flaxseed, you will see my face, holding a bag of flaxseed, saying “I put that sh*t on everything!”

Flax seed has so many benefits, it is kind of unbelievable. Lupus treatment is so expensive, and adding to flax seed to my food is a small, but crucial necessity to my health. One thing that the doctors always tell you, is to eat right and exercise. But where do you start? There are so many diets, websites, new age treatments; it can be overwhelming! Well, look no further. Adding 1-2 tablespoons flax seed to your meals at least once a day will help you in multiple ways:

  1. Great Fiber, Low Carbs – Flax is high in fiber which supports colon detoxification, reduce sugar cravings, and fat loss. It also increases nutrient absorption.
  2. Healthy Hair and Skin – Flax is known for improving symptoms caused by eczema, acne, and rosacea. Flax seed oil is also used to internally hydrate your skin and hair.
  3. Weight Loss – Flax seed is full of healthy fats and fiber, such as, Omega-3, protein, vitamin B-1, etc. that helps you feel more satisfied for a longer period of time, which will allow you to eat fewer calories, and will lead to weight loss.
  4. Digestive Health – Flax is known for helping with constipation and other digestive issues. It is known to help people who suffer from Crohn’s disease and other digestive ailments.

There are so many foods that you can add flax seed to. Below are a list of foods that you can start out with:

  • Yogurt
  • Salad
  • Smoothies
  • Soup
  • Sandwiches
  • Applesauce
  • Ice Cream

Good Luck in your journey to a healthy you! Comment below on other ways you like to stay healthy or your experiences with flax seed.

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”    -Joyce Meyer

Transferable Energy

Everyone has an energy field that surrounds them all of the time. You. Me. Everyone. Some people have positive energy, and some people have negative energy. There are many things that can determine whether what kind of energy a person has. red_energy_gym

Up until recently, I’ve never put that much thought into what kind of energy I had. I used to think of myself as someone who always had great energy. And typically, I did, but I never took into account of the people I was hanging out with, the kind of music I was listening to, and even the things that I ate, ALL effected my energy. I would find myself being in terrible moods. Then I thought, everyone in a bad a mood sometimes. But then it started to take over my life. My bad moods began to affect my relationships with my family and friends.

During this time, I was in a very toxic relationship. He was always angry, always in a bad mood. He thought the world was against him. He was incapable of seeing past his own hurt and rage. Every time we spoke on the phone or hung around each other, my chest would always get so heavy and worry would cloud my mind and my judgement. Thus, affecting my other relationships.

After our relationship was over, it was like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. Even though my heartbroken, I was relieved. I noticed immediately that my mood and that negative energy that clung onto to me, was no longer there. The clouds opened up, and the sun began to shine again. Shortly after, I began researching transferable energy.

The thing about negative energy is that it follows you. Negative energy is like the clingy boyfriend that’s not getting the hint that you’re not interested anymore. And, negative energy loves negative energy. Negative energy can consume you, drain you from all of the things you find beautiful in life; watching your kids play, watching the sun rise, loving your family to the fullest.

After my health began to decline, my energy definitely turned dark. I was stuck in my bed with a puke bucket. I couldn’t do anything for myself without help from my husband. Honestly, I felt like a child. And being the independent woman that I’ve been my entire life, I allowed thoughts of self loathing and disappointment to clutter my mind because I had to depend on my husband to wipe my ass. The depression fed my negative energy and vice versa. So when I had moments to spend with my kids, I felt so sorry for myself, I couldn’t enjoy it. And my negative energy was so strong that it began to make them feel bad. I realized what I was doing when one day, everyone woke up on a bad mood. That is when I saw that everyone was picking up on my moods. Needless to say, I felt like crap. I only want my family to be happy and it crushed me to see that I was doing this to them.

This is what has inspired Harotian Essentials. I dove into finding out as much as a I can about what I can do to turn my negative energy into positive energy.

Here are a few tips that I have learned along the way:

  • Don’t focus on the problem. Focus on the solution. – Most of us are worry bugs. And it be honest, it’s easier to worry about a problem versus climbing the mountain to solve it. But worrying does nothing but bring stress and anxiety. Focus on a plan to solve your problem. It’ll make you feel better, plus, you’ll feel productive in the process. positive-energy-flow-sage-goddess-facebook-blog-optimal
  • Keep it light – negative people love to have conversations about serious topics. Although discussing serious topics is a must in today’s society, try to throw a joke or a funny story into the mix.
  • Remove negative people or objects – If you are able, remove negative people and/or objects from your life. If you have a piece of jewelry that reminds you of a bad breakup, or a blanket that reminds you of a bad time in your life, get rid of it. Replace it with something that makes you feel great. If you are unable to remove negative people, set limitations to your relationship. If thehow-to-live-life-to-the-fullest-2y begin to talk about something negative, immediately change the subject. Either they’ll change the subject with you, or they’ll stop talking to you about it. Either way, you win.
  • Do what makes you happy! – You and you alone are the only person that can chose how you feel. Take care of yourself and your energy. Because just like negative energy, positive energy is clingy and very contagious. The more people with positive energy, the better our world will be.

As always…Peace, Love, and Happiness from my home to yours!

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. -Proverbs 17:22

Meditation is Key!

Namaste Family!

Lets discuss meditation and how well it is coupled with aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is defined as the art and science of using naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of spirit, body, and mind. Meditation is defined as, one who spends time in quiet thought for religious or relaxation purposes.

There are so many great benefits to meditation, such as:

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves concentration
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Encourages a healthier lifestyle
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Benefits cardiovascular and immune health
  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • Less Anxiety
  • Improve blood circulation

There are so many ways to Meditate, but we’re only going to concentrate on the easiet way. Then, when you become more comfortable, I will introduce other techniques.

This meditation exercise is an excellent introduction to meditation techniques.

  1. Sit or lie comfortably in a quiet space.
  2. Light your Harotian Essential Candle
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Make no effort to control the breath; simply breathe naturally.
  5. Focus your attention on the breath and on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. Notice the movement of your body as you breathe. Observe your shoulders, chest, and belly. Simply focus your attention on your breath without controlling its pace or intensity. If your mind wanders, return your focus back to your breath.

Maintain this meditation practice for two to three minutes to start, and then try it for longer periods.

If you find that your mind wanders a lot during your session, remember, this is new for you. They say it takes 21 days to learn a habit. Well, it’s the same thing. The more you meditate, the more you will be able to “shut down your brain”.

Anyone can meditate. You do not have to be an expert. Meditation is all about calming the mind and spirit. Over time, you will find yourself more relaxed in stressful situation. You may also find that the things that used to bother you before, no longer bother you.

If you have any suggestions or would like to share your experience with meditation, drop a comment below and lets talk!

Happy Meditating!